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about the white man's Great Spirit, He was the
first white man who had ever come among us,
and he took our language and made a writing
for it/

(I, Chief Long Lance3 might explain that this
first white man was Archdeacon Tims, who, now
very aged,, is still living on the Sarcee Indian
Reservation at Calgary, Alberta, where he is the
missionary to the Sarcee tribe,)

'One night after this white medicine-man had
come to us/ continued Wolf Head3 cBoy Thunder
came to me in my sleep? and spread a large
tanned buffalo skin on the ground. Then he
picked it up and hung it on the wall of the teepee,
so that it was all stretched out with the legs hang-
ing down. On this side there were a lot of
markings, which looked peculiar to me. Boy
Thunder said to me, pointing to these queer

 "Do you know what these are?"

' "No,35 I said,

* "They   are   different   languages/5   he   said.
ccEach line you see is a different language written
out.    Do you recognize any of them?M

* "No," I said.

* "Look hard/' he told me.

T looked for a long time, but I could see noth-
ing that I knew. So I told him no again.

* "Keep on looking hard/5 said Boy Thunder.